An Armenian Community Excursion: the Mysterious Oriental Church, and Authentic Gourmet
I visited an Armenian church last Sunday morning. What makes the Armenian church special is not just the language and culture -- historically speaking, Armenian church itself is a very special denomination, which has be separated from the mainstream Christian church since the 5th century. The separation results in some very unique traditions that you don't see in other parts of Christianity.
Hello World!
This is a post about myself, particularly how I came to the US as a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant, and some challenges I had faced. If you are from the US and would like to know where I am coming from, this is the one to read!
Martin Luther, a revolutionary Christian musician
In addition to a church leader and a theologian, Martin Luther was also a hymn writer. He composed both lyrics and tunes for his congregation. His famous piece “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” has been sung by Protestant churches till now. But this was all I knew about his music. As a church musician, more questions came to my mind: how did he write hymns? How did his life experiences shape his music? How did people worship with his music?